ASIA - ASDF2 Software Installation Assistant

ASIA is a trivial Common Lisp projects installer. It acts like an ASDF2 extension and installs the projects without dependencies. Dependency analysis is done by ASDF2. It’s released under MIT License.


The complete documentation is here.

For default configuration on Debian, in the shell:

# 1. Download & install ASIA like other ASDF loadable libraries, e.g.,
$ git clone git:// ~/.local/share/common-lisp/source/asia/

# 2. prepare manifest files...
# You can download a template here, e.g.,
$ git clone git:// ~/.local/share/repo51/

Then in the REPL:

;; 1. Load ASIA
;; Put it into ~/.sbclrc, ~/.ccl-init.lisp and so on!
> (asdf:load-system :asia)

;; 2. You can put this into $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/common-lisp/asia.lisp !
> (cl:pushnew 'asia:sysdef-asia-search asdf:*system-definition-search-functions*)

;; 3. ASDF will install hunchentoot and its dependencies automatically!
> (asdf:load-system :hunchentoot)
;...All the systems loaded!

Why another installer?

I don’t like all existing installers. That’s why I wrote my own one.

My ideal installer should:

Also, should not:

Support and Mailing lists

All you need is !

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